New Student Assessment

Rather than committing to an new coach before you can answer those questions, take our New Student Assessment. For a minimal investment you can spend an hour with me while we evaluate your current skill levels in various parts of the game. It’s not a lesson, it’s an assessment. I will evaluate your equipment and your skills in both the short game and the full swing. We will also check your physical abilities to determine if your body is able to make the desired moves.

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George’s New Book

Drill Your Way to Great Putting

Young or old, tall or short, anyone can be a great putter. The formula for great putting includes starting the ball on line, rolling the ball with precision speed and being able to predict how the ball will break as it rolls. The first two skills can be learned and ingrained through productive practice sessions. This book will give you plenty of drills to keep your practice sessions productive and fun. Each drill will give you feedback which is the key to great practice.