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Thank you for joining my online community and I apologize for taking so long to take advantage of this tool. The software is now up and running and I look forward to being able to communicate with you.

September is Putting Month. I have scheduled plenty of clinics, supervised practice sessions and opportunities for you to save strokes on the putting green.

On September 3rd I have an Aimpoint Express Level 1 class from 5:30 to 7:00

On September 4th I have a Putting Essentials Class from 5:30 to 7:00

On September 5th (and every Friday in September) I have Supervised Practice Sessions from 5:00 to 6:00.

Aimpoint will teach you how to read greens with spedd and accuracy. Each week, more and more Tour Players around the world are using it. When you see Lydia Koe, Hunter Mahan, Adam Scott, Stacy Lewis or countless other players holding up fingers to line up putts, you are seeing Aimpoint in action.

In the Putting Essentials classes we cover proper set-up, alignment and stroke to allow you to develop the skills of rolling the ball on line and at precision speed.

The Supervised Practice Sessions are designed to bring it all together. Practice Friday nights to bring your "A-Game" to the course on the weekend.
Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to spend some time on the putting green with you next month.

You can click here to view the schedule for all of September

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Posted on 25 Aug 2014
Rick Williams

Official results are in from Rob Noel Golf Academy (also Proponent Group member) "Free Fit Friday" 20 Yard Challenge:

One driver sold in 9 appointment times: $350
8/9 saw an average increase of 24 yards. Highest increase was 29 yards (oddly enough, didn't buy a driver!)

Ben LaVergne, custom fitter at RNGA says this:

"Had one and a very good player at 29 yards farther. Only sold 1 driver which was really really surprising. Not quite sure but If you got me 20 more off the tee I would buy right away.

I hate to say it and I have seen it in the past when giving away "free" the "tight" people really show there colors... Usually if they are paying for a driver fitting at a 100 bucks more times than not they are buying a driver from me.

I was even doing 50 dollars off a driver for the challenge. Still couldn't set the hook.. Anyways I still think it went great. Now we need to focus on the Friday the 29th and do the gap wedge fittings"

We are working on setting up TrackMan for this event to measure carry distance and challenge their players to see if they know their distances. My feeling is that the more they talk up these events and "sell results" and not just a club or a fitting, the better off they will be. These things are automatic successes, but I'm confident in the start of a really cool thing here.

Posted on 20 Aug 2014
Rick Williams

Another note about Rob Noel: He had the chance to train Major winner Jason Dufner on the AimPoint Green Reading system this weekend.

Jason Dufner and Rob:

Check this out hot off the presses. Rob is going to use this page in his social media channels, too. Pretty cool experience for Rob. Now we wait and see what kind of AimPoint registration he gets for upcoming clinics.

Posted on 18 Aug 2014
Rick Williams

Rob Noel at the Rob Noel Golf Academy conducted the first "Free Fit Friday 20 Yard Challenge" and personally got 20+ yards for 4 or his 5 fitting appointments (waiting for results from his fitter, Ben LeVergne). Plus, he sold one driver at full retail $399

See his Free Fit Friday set up here:

Rob pre-scheduled five 15-minute sessions. That's a great success AND close rate!

Posted on 17 Aug 2014
Rick Williams

RT client and Proponent Group member George Connor at now adds "published author" to CT Teacher of the Year and other honors. "Drill Your Way to Great Putting" hit the internet this week.

George published an e-book this week on Amazon and through Broadcast Message, Weekly Update and custom Bitly link for his social media channels, he sold 17 books in 2 days! That's $150 in e-book sales if you're wondering. Nicely done for George:

Posted on 15 Aug 2014
Rick Williams

Billy Pomeroy, PGA Head Pro at Northwood CC in Mississippi, finally emerged from his summer of activity last night with a phone call to me, apologizing for not returning calls or emails over the past six weeks. And not to fear, he had plenty of good news to share! Keep in mind that Billy started at Northwood last November, so he had a lot to prove to his club board.

His biggest news is that as of the end of July, they hit the $140,000 mark in retail sales at the pro shop. This is significant because in 2013, the ANNUAL shop revenue was $140,000!

Billy expressed how happy his members are with his communications, how thrilled they are with his instruction programs, how cool it is to see so many junior players at the course, and how much fun they have participating in Northwood events and how much more golf is being played. Coaching revenues and # of lessons are increased dramatically as well.

His club president is thrilled with the job Billy is doing, and even stood up for Billy when the club accountant got on Billy's case for turning in tournament expense reports late. Why was Billy late with reports? Because he was too busy teaching, playing golf with members and running events that have boosted profitability, participation and engagement. The president understands this and told the accountant to back off and let Billy do his job: Be the PGA Professional and leader of our Northwood Golf Community.

The main Northwood CC club website shows stats indicating 70% of the visits there lead to Billy's RT site. He has told us to NOT renovate his site yet due to how busy he has been and the lack of good images he has. We are starting the process slowly per his request, but he is excited to show his board the new result in a few weeks.

His staff consists of himself, one full time PGA assistant, a shop manager, one full time outside services person and several part time high school kids working around the shop/outside services.

To me, that speaks volumes for what Billy has done and the impact we can have on a PGA Professional, and facility...even when the client is buried in activity and paperwork. Billy didn't give up and took our guidance to heart when it comes to engaging with the membership with valuable golf related active events and GOLF that leads to success.

I believe success stories like this show the impact we can have "behind the scenes" when we can actually get feedback from clients. That is the most difficult part, as well. When we can crack that code of "how" we solicit better feedback, the results will showcase our "why" so much more, and that's exciting.

Posted on 13 Aug 2014
George Connor

Next Aimpoint Express clinic is Wednesday, August 6 from 5:30 - 7:30pm. Invest 2 hours in your putting and stop guessing!

Posted on 26 Jul 2014
George Connor

Congratulations to John Jackopsic who scored well on his recent trip to California. John shot rounds of 75, 69 and 73 all at Torrey Pines to finish T5 in the San Diego City Amateur.

Posted on 26 Jul 2014
George Connor

Check out what Frank Nobilo says about Aimpoint Express and how easy it is to implement. Yes, it works. #1 players on both US Tours use the Aimpoint Express Read. See Golf Channel video here:

Posted on 11 Jun 2014
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Recently, I completed George’s Red Zone Challenge. I wanted to dial in my short game and shave some strokes. Once again, working with George and taking this course has been an epic experience. Not only was the class a blast, but I really made huge improvements in my short game.

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