Winter Is the Pre-Season

Don’t let the winter go by with plans to “work on your game” once the season starts.  That makes as much sense as starting your training for Saturday’s 10K race the Wednesday before.  You wouldn’t start your diet 2 days before the class reunion.  Use the next 4 months to assure that 2018 is the first of many great golf seasons.

What can we do over the winter?

  • Determine if your fitness level will allow you to perform the way you want to.
  • Get in depth analysis of what your body does during the swing with a 3D Analysis
  • Discover the flaws in your putting stroke that are preventing you from making more putts
  • Prioritize the skills you need to improve in order to make golf more fun
  • Replace bad habits with good ones.

Replacing an undesirable motor pattern with a more optimal one doesn’t happen over night.  It can take week, months, even close to a year.  Let’s decide to take advantage of these next few months rather than waste them.

I will be taking advantage of three facilities all winter long to provide you the assistance you need to play the golf of your dreams in the near future.

Winter Facilities

  • Farmington Woods Golf Club;  I have a putting studio set up in the Golf Shop for the winter.  Three different pieces of technology will allow us to diagnose the movement of your body and the putter during the stroke.
  • Oakwood Virtual Golf: Located in Glastonbury, Connecticut, Oakwood has 6 AboutGolf simulators.  I have access to their teaching bay which includes fixed cameras, scales in the floor to measure weight distribution throughout the swing and the ability to track club speed, angle of attack and club path.
  • Mike’s Golf Outlet: The largest golf equipment re-seller welcomes me each winter.  The new spacious hitting bays along with a launch monitor allow us to work on your swing and is conveniently located in Hartford, CT, just one minute off I-91