Trusting Your Game to a New Instructor Can Be Scary

The New Student Assessment is for first time students only.  The cost of the evaluation is $75.00

Rather than committing to an new coach before you can answer those questions, take our New Student Assessment.  For a minimal investment you can spend an hour with me while we evaluate your current skill levels in various parts of the game.  It’s not a lesson, it’s an assessment.  I will evaluate your equipment and your skills in both the short game and the full swing.  We will also check your physical abilities to determine if your body is able to make the desired moves.

At the conclusion of the hour I will hand you a report outlining the skills you already possess and a list of those skills that represent the opportunity for the most improvement.  Understanding the skills you need and the order in which you should attack them is the key to starting a successful improvement process.

What Skills will we evaluate?

Putting Short Game Full Swing
Set-Up Set-Up Set-Up
Starting the Ball on line Solid Contact Solid Contact
Controlling Speed/Distance Trajectory Control Clubface Awareness
Green Reading Distance Control Swing Plane
Clubhead Speed   Body Pivot