Learning Can Get Ugly – Let’s Get Better This Winter

Price per Golfer $595

The Dirty Dozen is a winter program designed for the golfer willing to work hard over the next few months.  Breakdown your golf swing to discover the flaws that creep in under pressure or cause that annoying missed shot.  Once you know what the flaws are, let’s get to work on fixing things.  A swing flaw can come from a few different origins.  Faulty motor patterns could have developed as a compensation for poor alignment, grip or posture.  A swing flaw could have been generated due to a physical lack of strength or mobility.  The bottom line is, we need to diagnose the flaw, find the cause and then put in the work.  Enter the Dirty Dozen.

The Dirty Dozen is a program for the first 12 players to take their spot.  It will include:

  • 1, 90-minute evaluation.  Physical screen, 3D analysis and video analysis of your golf swing
  • 3 Private Lessons to work on the changes (conducted over the winter Jan-March) Evaluations and lessons will take place at either Mike’s Golf Outlet or Oakwood Virtual Golf in Glastonbury.
  • 1 Evaluation with Darcy Lucas or Cindy Langer, physical performance experts with certifications from The Titleist Performance Institute
  • 2 Training sessions with Darcy
  • Once we get outside all 12 participants are invited to an AimPoint Express and Distance Control Class

Don’t let the winter go to waste.  Utilize these next three months to make significant improvements to your body and the mechanics of your golf swing.  Top it all off by learning the only fact based green reading system in the spring and all of your golf goals are within reach

Only 12 Golfers are allowed in the program.  Reserve your spot now and pay in January. Last month I rolled out a program at three times the price that filled in two-weeks, so don’t wait.

Email george@connorgolf.com or click below to save your place in the Dirty Dozen!