Use Golf as a Tool to Further Your Business Relationships

Golf Is Fun When You Hit Great Shots

George Connor, PGA and ConnorGolf can create a fun and informative day for you, your customers or your team.  Let’s face it; your clients are bombarded with invitations to luncheons, meetings and webinars.  Offer them something different to separate yourself.

From a one-hour golf clinic to a half-day school we can create a program that works for you.  Here are some corporate ideas for you to consider:

  • Financial Planners: Invite current clients to a one-hour golf clinic followed by lunch.  Have each client bring a friend.
  • Lawyers: Your Associates get invited to play in a lot of events.  Let me teach them the basics so they can be comfortable playing with clients.
  • Certified Public Accountants: Entice your clients to come in for their annual review by offering a 30-minute putting lesson.  I can come to your office and set up a temporary putting green in your board room.
  • IT Managers: Reward your team after that difficult project with a one-hour putting clinic followed by 9-holes.
  • Financial Wholesalers: Give your 20-minute presentation to a group of Financial Planners and then I give them a 30-minute talk on a relevant golf topic while they eat lunch.
  • Insurance Agents: Further your relationship with clients with a two-hour golf school followed by some cocktails and banter

I have helped countless professionals expand their relationships with business clients and associates.  Let me help you by using golf as the medium that brings you closer to the people you need.  We will build a customized event to suit your desires. At Farmington Woods Golf Club we can host your event at our pristine facility.  First class practice facilities and food options ranging from something quick to fine dining are available.  Would you like to host something at your office?  I have conducted plenty of “Boardroom Putting Classes”